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Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm PDT
the temperature at gametime was 67. yesterday at this hour it was 78 degrees. there you have the difference with significant cooling at the coast and the pay all due to the return of the marine layer. tomorrow morning you'll wake up with clouds on the coast and bay. westerly flow kicks in and reefs the far inland areas. eight degrees cooler in san jose. santa rosa and you'll barely notice a difference in san fransisco. today in san fransisco we cooled 19 degrees. there you have the leading edge of the marine layer tomorrow. clouds begin to retreat back towards the coast towards the lunch hour and we will see partial clearing there. otherwise we still are i was of a huge dome of high pressure. it is beginning to retreat and break down. turning more to a seasonal weather pattern this time of year. tonight overnight with extensive cloud cover, 52 in santa rosa. let's pinpoint your neighborhood forecast for thursday. 60s along the seashore. replacing the 90s will be mid- 80s across the santa clara valley. 757 in alameda. 92 in brentwood for the outside number. 61 barely any clearing. there you
Sep 24, 2010 6:00pm EDT
or not and other players questionable, chris horton and armstrong and williams. they will be gametime decisions and speaking of trent williams, there is -- on that and after suffering a knee contusion and brain in last sunday's loss to the texans. if williams is unable to g the coach is confuddent in his backup's ability. >> we got a good situation. had jamal play the left side and is a player to the left side and the right side. and that is a big advantage for us if trent's not able to go and hopefully it will be. >> that is a great opportunity. another chance to go out there and show that i can play both sides and i have to continue to play hard and show them that i can do that. and -- >> the rams are 1-17 with no wins in the last 9 home games and they lost to the skins last year and have the number one pick, sam bradford and they know there is no reason to take them lightly. >> and like i said, so, and i try not -- my opponent's ability and that is about us, what we can create and do. >> we know we play a good game and most teams do and you dean get caught up in the records in the nfl week i
Sep 11, 2010 9:00am EDT
and into the afternoon. tailgating in the redskins game will be damp. by gametime, it will be drying up, but cloudy. here's the numbers, 64 frederick, a few 50s out there from winchester to hagerstown. 64 quantico, 70 already in leonard town. the weather, again, for tomorrow. the cloudy skies at gametime, 8:15, fedex field, 69, the showers should be to the east by then. okay, today's looking good too. 80 in warrenton, 79 downtown. upper marlboro, 78. 77, mostly sunny and winchester. right now, 66. we're feeling good. got to love this weather forecast with this dry air. it can warm up rather quickly. not a lot of humidity to slow it down. but this humidity, again, will be working in from the west tonight. first clouding us up, then bringing us the rain by the morning hours. we are going to squeeze in a great day for a game today as for the nationals, 75 at 1:35. playing the florida marlins, we're all good to go with mostly sunny skies forecasted. again, there's the cloudy weather forecast tomorrow evening after the rain comes. all right? let's put it together for you. the front that's going to be lifting
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm EDT
these trade agreements as creative destruction. you got to win elections and make the case. this is gametime. we're going to make the case and do this because i stand for the working people of wisconsin. >> i know do you. good to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. you bet. now let's get response from our panel on these stories. alaska's brand new republican senate nominee joe miller took a page out of his buddy's sarah palin's playbook and called president obama bad for america because of socialism. former u.n. ambassador and proud neo-con john bolton isn't ruling out a presidential run in 2012. please, help us. iran better duck and cover if this guy gets anywhere near the white house. ben quayle is getting hammered on christian radio. turns out writing for a racy website under the name brock landers may not help that crew when it comes to family values image, you know? with us tonight, todd webster, democratic strategist and heightdy harris out of las vegas. all right. let's talk about this joe miller. he had a very interesting interview. here's his comments about president oba
Sep 10, 2010 7:00am EDT
the forecast so you will know what is going to happen at gametime and current temperatures around the region, at 62 degrees and in the nation's capitol. most are in the 50s. we have another 60 in annapolis; 63 in stevensville. check out gaithersburg, 54; baltimore, 55; dulles, 54; monasses, 3848 degrees. a dropoff there and we'll see more folks in the 40s later on and satellite radar composite for the region, we have a couple of clouds -- clouds out there. looks great and a fantastic start to the day and a few clouds, mostly clear skies. we're precipitation free and will be today and tomorrow. the change comes when this comes in here and will by late saturday night, you will be late after midnight and you will encounter rain into the daytime hours on sunday and igov a tropical depression. lost some of his -- igor is a tropical depression, lost some of of his steam. we expect him to become a hurricane over the weekend and he's out to sea posing no immediate threat to any landmass. this is the forecast for washington today, mostly sunny, comfortable and pleasant, a great day and fat is degrees
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)